ASLF Receives a $25,000 Matching Grant


Through June 1, 2020, donations to A Silver Lining Foundation from private individuals and from foundations, donor-advised funds and trusts controlled by individuals will be matched dollar for dollar up to $25,000 thanks to a generous grant from The Coleman Foundation.

Why is this so important?

While the world around us has effectively shut down in the fight against a global pandemic, the need for detection and diagnosis of breast cancer doesn’t stop. The challenges of being uninsured or underinsured persist. ASLF is now hearing from more and more women in need of diagnostic testing who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 shutdown. With job loss comes loss of employer-provided health insurance and the ability to pay for COBRA, exchange or private-market health insurance. The numbers of those coming to ASLF in these circumstances has increased ten-fold since the shutdown.

The cost to ASLF to fund diagnostic tests is 2 to 11 times more expensive than screening mammography. ASLF prides itself on turning no one away. That becomes more challenging as revenue streams become more uncertain. Nearly 40 percent of ASLF’s annual revenue is tied to fundraising events, and it is becoming increasingly unclear where – or whether – those events will be held this year.

How to help.

ASLF’s goal is to maximize the full grant potential, which would result in a total of $50,000 in revenue. Every dollar raised allows ASLF to continue to serve its mission to provide cost-free breast health testing to those most in need, especially to the increasing number of women in need of diagnostic testing but suddenly no longer able to afford it because of recent job and health insurance loss due to the COVID-19 shutdown.

No matter the size, every donation helps.

Every $235 funds a diagnostic mammogram
Every $275 funds a breast ultrasound
Every $600 funds an MRIs
Every $1,500 funds a breast biopsy