ASLF Welcomes New CCIC Partner, Wellness House

A Silver Lining Foundation (ASLF) is pleased to welcome Wellness House as a participating organization in its Chicagoland Cancer Information Coalition (CCIC) program.

Wellness House started in 1990 with a single mission: to better the lives of people living with cancer and the people close to them. Today, Wellness House offers a variety of programs and services that complement treatment from doctors and specialists, including information and education; support groups and counseling; exercise and nutrition; stress management; and child and family programs. It’s a whole-person approach to healing, addressing social, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological needs.

“We’re delighted to welcome Wellness House to the ASLF family. Our shared vision of providing cost-free access to critical cancer resources and care allows both of our organizations to expand their reach to serve communities in need,” said Dr. Sandy.

Learn more about the vital programs and services provided by Wellness House.