Don’t take the risk young people – sign up for Obama’s health care plan: Mitchell

Barring an extension from President Barack Obama’s administration, March 31 is the deadline to get health insurance.

Those who can afford to get health insurance but don’t get coverage may face a fine.

Because Obamacare has been in the firm grip of partisan politics since its inception, it’s not surprising that foes of the health care reform are boasting they would rather pay the fine.

That sounds like a good way to show your dislike for the health care reform law — until something goes awry.

After all, there’s only so much one can do to guard against a debilitating disease or life-altering accident.

About 114,000 people in Illinois have already signed up for the new health insurance polices. But the administration is making its final push to attract individuals between ages 18 to 34, the group seen as the key to offsetting the higher costs of insuring older people.

To that end, Get Covered Illinois posted on Facebook a humorous video of a young woman recounting the details of a bachelorette party that sent an uninsured bride-to-be to the emergency room.

The story ends with the woman saying her friend’s hospital bills cost almost as much as her wedding.

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