Dr. Sandy Goldberg: Trust That the Net Will Appear? But Do Your Homework

Dr. Sandy Goldberg is founder and chairman of A Silver Lining Foundation, a nonprofit that provides cancer resource information, quality-of-life serves and mammography to people who might not otherwise have them. A clinical nutritionist, Dr. Sandy, as she is known, has been an on-air contributor on health and nutrition topics for Chicago’s NBC affiliate since 1994. She won an Emmy Award for her special about her own battle with breast cancer, diagnosed in 2000. That led her to create A Silver Lining in 2002 and a TV show for The American Cancer Society that aired on CAN TV from 2002 to 2010. She sits on or is an advisor to several boards, including that of the Washington Square Health Foundation, which she joined as a board member this year. Please go here for complete information about A Silver Lining Foundation and the work she and her organization does.

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