Volunteer Awards Luncheon Pays Tribute to Outstanding Volunteers!

Ten volunteers were honored at the 2012 Volunteer Awards Luncheon celebrating last year's volunteers. Charles Brummell, LFAI's President & CEO presented the awards. In his remarks, Mr. Brummell said, "of the LFAI.

"Whether you have Dr. Sandy: Outstanding Public Awareness worked at a health fair, spoken at an educational event, participated at walk registration, attended an advocacy rally, hosted a third party fundraiser, shared your story in the media or used lupus awareness month to raise awareness at your workplace, your efforts make a difference. Our awardees today have used their time and talents to benefit the cause and we celebrate them, but you do not need a special skill or talent to help. There are hundreds of ways to get involved and achieve our mission and our volunteers come up with new and creative ways every day."

For more information on volunteering for the LFAI, contact Sonya at (312) 542-0004 or

sonya@lupusil.org. Check out photos from the Volunteer Awards Luncheon here